BNPL & DL India Show 2023

"Nurturing The Future Of Lending In India"

India Buy Now Pay Later & Digital Lending Sector’s Only Flagship Event




The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)


The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) industry and the Digital Lending sector in India is the fastest growing financial domains in comparison to any other global market. The BNPL payments sector has shown a phenomenal 71.5% growth in 2022, reaching a value of US$12,355.8 million. The industry is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 41.2% during 2022-2028. Concurrently, the digital lending space, is expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2023. Both the BNPL & DL sectors are positioned as the future of consumer and SME lending in India and they have been the most prominent offshoots of FinTech in India.

The BNPL India Show, is a premier POS lending and credit event which will create a conducive platform to engage the BNPL and DL community to discuss about innovative solutions, new technologies, emerging BNPL & DL trends and opportunities in India and will act as a forum to promote collaborations for driving growth in the sector. The one-day exclusive flag ship event will host, leading banking and fintech experts, thought leaders and industry leaders who will deliver interactive keynotes, engaging panel discussions and the event will also showcase, cutting edge BNPL and DL solutions, innovations and products.


Current Scenario

  • Indian BNPL Market to Be Worth $14.3 Bn In 2023
  • BNPL payment adoption is expected to grow steadily at CAGR of 12.2% during 2023-2028
  • Credit gap for MSMEs in India stands at $380 Bn
  • India's digital lending market expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2023
  • Indian lending market witnessed a growth of 11 % & reached Rs 174 trillion in FY22
  • Indian lending market expected to grow to Rs 274 trillion in FY26 registering a growth of CAGR 12%
  • Growth in India's Digital Consumer Economy expected to be USD 800 billion by 2030

Why attend BNPL & DL India Show?

  • India’s only hyper focused Buy Now Pay Later & Digital Lending community experience
  • Power packed one day event, covering emerging trends, market innovations in the BNPL & Digital Lending areas
  • Expert industry speakers feature innovative technologies in BNPL, micro lending, ecommerce integration
  • Engage with leading companies in the BNPL, payments, ecommerce, D2C brands, with the most innovative solutions
  • Network, collaborate and form partnerships with market leaders and disruptors and uncover new opportunities

Why Sponsor BNPL & DL India Show?

  • Opportunity to connect with a cross-section of established C-suite executives and up-and coming leaders representing India’s digital lending in
  • Showcase your brand in front of a diverse mix of high-growth brands and omnichannel leaders
  • Reinforce your market position as a leader in the BNPL & DL space in India
  • Gain access to a curated platform to meet, partner and do business with India’s leading ecommerce companies, D2C brands, payments & banking firms and emerging fintechs
  • Emphasize your position as a thought leader and capitalize on a perfect platform to launch or showcase your solutions
  • Leverage our extension marketing campaign and build your company’s brand positioning in India

Who attends?

  • Banks
  • NBFCs
  • E-commerce Merchants
  • D2C Brands
  • Retailers
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Groceries, Supermarkets, FMCG
  • Hotels & entertainment
  • Utilities & Telcos

Attending Profiles

  • MDs and Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Customer Service Heads
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Retail Banking Heads
  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Business Heads
  • Payments leaders
  • Digital Transformation leaders
  • Head of Payments
  • Head Of Marketing
  • Directors – BNPL, EMI
  • Head - Affordability- EMI & BNPL
  • Executive Vice President - Head Sales & Distribution Merchant
  • Senior Vice President, Head Credit Policy
  • Head Product and Portfolio - Mobility & Marketplace
  • Director – Financial Services/ FinTech
  • Executive Vice President, Retail Lending and Payments

Key Topic Highlights

  • BNPL & Digital Lending Growth and Disruption
  • Scaling the Market Vs Gauging Risk & Trust Early
  • Meeting Consumer Expectations & Enhancing Customer Journey
  • AI’s Role in Driving BNPL & DL Evolution
  • Digital Lending & BNPL Transformation in India

Summit Agenda

9:00 - 9:30 Registration & Networking
9:30 - 9:35 Opening Remarks
Plenary Session
9:35 - 10:00 Opening Keynote: Greater Financial Inclusion & Navigating the Digital Lending Wave in India
Session One
10.00 -10:30 Fireside Chat: Digital Lending Regulations & the Need for Responsible Innovation
10.30 -11:00 Industry Leader’s Panel: The Future of Lending – Accelerating SME Growth & Banking in India
11.00 -11:30
Tea & Networking
11.30 -12:30 Digital Lending Solutions & Services Showcase Session
Vendor companies directly impacting the BNPL & Digital Lending eco system in India can
showcase their innovative solutions via, key presentations, case studies & product showcases in this session
12.30 -13:00 Tech Insight: Making Digital Lending Secure
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch & Networking & Session Two
14.00 -14:25 Key Presentation: Maximizing BNPL Value & Consumer Experience
14.25 -14:55 Strategic Panel: Discussing Best Practices, Consumer Acquisition & Flexible Payments for Modern Shoppers in the Retail Space
14.55 -15:55 Technology Deep Dive Showcase (BNPL & DL): Technology Vendor Companies showcasing services & products in - Real-time Credit Analytics,
Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered decision making, Retailer and BNPL Systems Integration, detection of fraud in real-time for customer and
e-tailer safety, Security and Compliance, & Full BNPL Chain Automation
15:55 - 16:25
Tea & Networking
16:25 -16:50 Key Insight:Evolution of Microfinance in India
16:50 -17:20 Stakeholder’s Panel:Mitigating Impediments of Digital Lending Growth & Industry Disruption
17:20 -18:00 Closing Keynote:Retail Innovation & FinTech – The Indian Success Story
18:00 -19:00 BNPL & Digital Lending Leader’s Recognition & Awards:
Recognizing India’s Top Companies, Leaders, Experts, Innovators & Disruptors Spearheading BNPL, Digital Lending Growth
19:00 Cocktail & Dinner


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